vertical gardens

24 June 2024
Design Icons
The icons of Design have no time: they enter our homes, our offices and all human spaces leaving a sign in the life’s history of each person. Elegance, simplicity, irreverence, colour, minimal ... everything participates in the creation of an object that travels in memory.
11 June 2024
How to furnish and organise a studio apartment
Furnishing and organising a studio takes smart planning and creativitiy to make the most of the available space and create a functional and welcoming environment. In this article we will look at various strategies for interior design and layout to make a studio practical, comfortable and stylish. Everything must be arranged correctly to guarantee easy and efficient flow and circulation in the space. We architects must plan the layout (such as of the living area, the kitchen and the sleeping area) in order to optimise movement and accessibility. Given the limited size of a studio, it is important to design a space that can adapt to the changing needs and lifestyles of its users.
27 May 2024
ArchitectsParty Roma by Towant
In 2020, we took part with four other architecture studios in ArchiChefNight, which involved the preparation of a dish that said something about ourselves. This year Towant, the architectural events organiser, asked us if we'd like to participate in another fun and festive affair: the ArchitectsParty! This time, ten architecture studios from around Rome were invited to hold a party at their workplaces: we at FAD naturally agreed at once!
13 May 2024
Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home
Choosing the right flooring for your home is an important decision, and involves more than just its aesthetic appearance. The floor adds to the atmosphere and style of a room, and also impacts the practical nature of the space. However, it's also a part of the decor that is hardest to replace, so it needs to last as long as possible. There are many questions you should ask yourself, because the atmosphere of the house can be completely altered by your choice of floor. And there are also some apparently minor but important factors to take into account when making your choice. For example, should each room have the same type of flooring? Are there any children or pets in the house? Is it a bright or dark house?
22 April 2024
Open House Roma here at FAD!
The Open House event, devised by a group of architects specifically for lovers of design and architecture, has been a key event in the capital for several years now. It was with great honour that FAD took part in the 2024 edition, opening the doors of its brand new studio - a true feat of architecture and restoration - to the general public. People could come to find out about its history and what it does, to enjoy the space and its beauty and interior design, and to discover the expertise and creativity of the team who works there.
14 March 2024
FAD takes part in Open House Roma 2024
The Open House event, devised by a group of architects specifically for lovers of design and architecture, has been a key event in the capital for several years now. This nine-day event celebrates the architectural beauties of Rome, offering free access - with guided tours - to sites normally closed to the public. This year we at FAD are thrilled to be opening the doors of the studio to make our world known.
11 March 2024
Walk-In Wardrobe Vs Traditional Wardrobe
A walk-in wardrobe has become a dream for many fashion lovers and home organisation enthusiasts. In some respects, it is counted as another room in the house, spacious enough to easily move around in and keep clothes, towels, duvets and even miscellaneous items usually found in a wardrobe. There are lots of advantages in building a walk-in wardrobe, but it is just as important to weigh up any disadvantages compared to having a traditional wardrobe. Let's have a look at the features that will help you decide which solution is best for you.
8 February 2024
The lack of transport infrastructure in Rome
Rome is the capital city of Italy, well-known as the eternal city, its millennial history, timeless art, and vibrant culture. Despite its high prestige and charm, the city suffers from a noticeable lack of transport infrastructures compared to other European capitals, in particular in the underground sector. This deficit has significant repercussions on the life quality of the citizens and on the efficiency of the urban mobility.
9 January 2024
Exploring Interior Design Trends for 2024
In recent years, the world of interior design has undergone a surprising transformation, embracing new ideas and re-envisaging traditional concepts. The contemporary approach to interior design focuses on combining function with aesthetics, creating environments that reflect personal tastes and meet the practical needs of everyday life.
8 December 2023
Books to give to your architect friends or reading lover friends at Christmas
Christmas is coming up soon and, as always, everyone is now wondering what the perfect Christmas gift could be and to whom give it. If one of your friends is an architect or a reading lover, this list will be useful to find the perfect gift to make them happy. We made a selection of books on Architecture or that deal with this topic in an all-round way. There is a variety of possibilities to choose from: some books have an essayistic or oneiric approach, while others are crime or adventure novels.
6 November 2023
Outdoor and green design: the thought of the Architect Fabrizio Forniti
2 October 2023
Greenwashing and sustainable architecture
Sustainability as we know it today is a means to compensate for many years of unrestrained and unscrupulous industrial growth which has caused serious harm to the environment. In these times of rapid climate change, there is a pressing need for us all to accept responsibility and try to mitigate the effects of global warming on an individual level. There is undoubtedly a greater level of awareness, but given the complexity of the issue, a broader and more structured reasoning must be applied: what we buy derives from a global production chain, and this can be said of all sorts of things from everyday products to the purchase or construction of property.
7 September 2023
Home Automation and the Smart Home
If our present is technological, imagine what our future will be like! From smaller tasks, such as opening the curtains and turning on the lights, to more complex technological functions, home automation is making great strides in terms of performance, leading to a continuous growth in the Smart Home market. One area of growth is the use of technology to monitor energy consumption, enabling us to manage resources in a more careful and eco-friendly way. This also helps families manage their household expenses, as having control over consumption leads to savings on energy bills.
11 July 2023
Verandas, Bioclimatic greenhouses, Pergolas & Canopies
The implementation of a roofing in the outdoor spaces of a house, such as balconies, gardens and terraces, often involve a complete change to the environment that is transformed from an open area in a closed one. Anyway, this does not imply that the outdoor area becomes an indoor space, but rather that a new hybrid space is being created, where indoor and outdoor features melt. The result is an "outdoor room" that can be used in any season and in any weather condition.
10 June 2023
The complete decay of Zaha Hadid’s Maritime Station in Salerno
Thanks to our job, or simply for our pleasure, we often voyage throughout Italy. This allows us to admire the different architectural beauties spread across our Country, as well as the new architectural constructions that are both functional to the places where they have been built and which also constitute a tourist attraction. We spent a whole day in the beautiful city of Salerno, one of the province districts of the Campania Region and the central point for the travels along the Amalfi Coast, one of the most famous areas in the world which attract millions of tourists every year.
9 May 2023
Beach design
"The bathing-hut is a smaller house, it is a reduction of the house, it is the idea of the house", by A. Rossi This is how Aldo Rossi referred to his walk-in wardrobes inspired to the bathing-hut structures he saw during his travels to the Island of Elba. He believed these structures represented "a minimum dimension of living, a feeling of summer". We might think that bathing-huts and structures built along the coasts to serve the holiday-makers have a little aesthetic value, or worse that they have a poor aesthetic value, and that their presence is not always necessary.
7 April 2023
Induction or gas hob, which is the most suitable for your home?
Nowadays, to figure out which is the perfect hob for your kitchen is something to be assessed with the utmost care. In the latest months, everybody surely wondered how to save and reduce gas consumption. Let’s compare an induction hob with a gas one, which is the best one in terms of energy savings and quality of food? This is why we would like to illustrate the differences between them and the pros and cons of each one.
14 March 2023
The counter, the heart and soul of a venue
Designing a venue, regardless of whether it is a café, a cocktail bar, a pub, or a contemporary restaurant it is not an easy task, considering the many different things that should be considered. In addition to all the bureaucratic aspects involved in such projects, our Architecture Studio takes also care of the executive and creative design throughout the supervision of works up to the turnkey delivery.
14 February 2023
Mistakes to avoid during a home renovation
Facing the renovation of your own home inevitably causes a lot of anxiety because there are many things to take into account and, if you have no experience, there are many mistakes you could make. We at Studio FAD can help you with your home project from the bureaucratic paperwork to the design of your home to handing over the keys once your project is completed. However, we would like to list below some of the most common mistakes that are made when a renovation is carried out without the necessary know-how.
10 January 2023
The new 2023 trends for interior design
A new year has just begun but some things from the past have put down their roots and decided to accompany us during 2023. Despite the pandemic now seems simply a memory, it has led us to greater research of our personal well-being. This is how our house has become our nest, firstly due to the provisions set by Covid-19 regulations, then for our own pleasure. The perfect shelter in which we can cuddle and hug our lives and ourselves. In 2023, materials and furniture propose new solutions to live and customise our spaces and regenerate the old ones with new visions, but still maintaining some certainties from the past.
6 December 2022
Dress your home for Christmas
Christmas, when our home literally come alive. Lights, hangings, decorations, candles, and flowers convey that embracing Christmas atmosphere which involves and envelopes the whole family, created by playing both with traditional elements and fantasy ones. The essential element is the Christmas tree of course, either it is kitsch or minimal, green, or white, with or without lights, the important is that it is there! Let's see some tips on how furnishing your home to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere.
16 November 2022
Home decoration in Autumn’s colours
Each house has its own soul, given by its exposure, its characteristics, and - above all - by its inhabitants. The seasons influence the way we live our homes, how we relate to them and the surrounding world. Autumn is knocking at the door, with its warm colours and the first cold days, bringing the desire to rest on a sofa while watching a movie or reading a book. Let's see some ideas to be inspired by the wonder of the outdoor landscape.
10 October 2022
Urban regeneration, between squares and tactical urbanism
We usually associate the word "architecture" to buildings, bridges, and monuments, all three-dimensional elements that made up our cities. What we always forget and take for granted is the void created between these elements. It is does not matter if these areas are alleys, large avenues, gardens, or squares, they are essential elements to live the urban life in a pleasant and functional way. They are the stage of our everyday life, able to adapt to times and the way we use them.
12 September 2022
Your bedroom, your wellness space
Which is the most intimate room in a house? The bedroom, of course! When you are choosing a style for your home, especially for the sleeping area, you have to consider different aspects to obtain the perfect balance between functionality and customization. It is not easy to choose the right design for the bedroom since each style is distinguished by well-defined colours and shapes, regardless of the style chosen…contemporary, classic, or Bohemian...
11 July 2022
Furnishing the beach house: between style and design
To have a beach house is the secret dream of many people, a place where to spend the holidays and relax at the weekends, leaving behind the smog and warmth of the city, or simply owning it as an investment asset for the future. If you already own a beach house or if you intend to buy it, we would like to provide you some useful tips on how make it as cosy as possible, both for renting it or using it.
6 June 2022
Wainscot and wallpaper
Over time, trends of the past often become fashionable once again in the Design and Interior Design sectors which propose them anew. Wainscot and wallpaper are at the peak of their success once again in the Architecture field and contemporary furniture market and we will show you their possible uses and the different types available. Both of them are a great idea to decorate the walls of homes, offices, and restaurants resulting in a refined taste and a unique and personalised style.
9 May 2022
A garden on the balcony: an intimate space for your home
During the warmer months, balconies, smallbalconies, and terraces may be an extremely comfortable space for our homes, even essential for someone; however, they are often used as an external boxroom thus losing their true potential. Especially in the cities, where owning a small garden is almost impossible, the balcony offers the opportunity to create a unique space for yourself at home. Regardless of the available space, it can be transformed into a small living room, a relaxing garden, or a corner dedicated to outdoor lunches and dinners. The most important thing is to optimize the spaces keeping in mind your final objective.
14 March 2022
The great value of plants in interior design
In recent years, nature has been taking back its spaces almost everywhere, both indoor and outdoor. A greenery explosion of succulent plants, ferns, aromatic and exotic plants which conquer spaces in restaurants, offices, and shops, as well as in the social media. This is much more than a temporary fashion, it is a real awareness of humankind about the importance of restoring the dignity of nature. Indoor plants have a great functional and aesthetic value; in addition of being decorative, they reduce noise pollution, improve the air quality, and help you to deal with stress.
22 February 2022
The reception and the waiting room: the business card of every company
Whether we are talking of an independent or shared property, an office requires a number of other private and common spaces, such as utility rooms, storages, and other services. However, the design of the entrance used to welcome customers and guests is certainly the most important part. Users will be welcomed by these spaces: the reception and the waiting room that can be created as a single environment, or as two different environments in case the area allows it.
10 January 2022
2022 trends in Interior Design
Every year, there are new trends in the interior design field, both in terms of colours and in terms of furniture, and it is expected that 2022-features will be well-defined and inspiring. 2022 will be characterised by design combined to comfort, and a great attention is paid to sustainability and minimalism: the house is again the centre of the relationships and simple and natural materials will be used to design and furnish it.
15 November 2021
The geognostic survey
During the design, the Architect cooperates with numerous professionals who provide valuable information and allow the development of a more detailed design to achieve a final optimal result.
11 October 2021
How to organize your home
Whether you are dealing with a renovation of your home or setting up a new one, the first step to deal with is the division of the interior spaces. Organizing and arranging the interior spaces of a house is not as easy as it sounds; it is a complex matter which requires that several factors are considered to create a functional flat whose visual perception of interior spaces is enhanced in terms of light and dimension.
13 September 2021
A precious space
Nowadays, Hotels have to meet a range of needs depending on the clientele, from the tourist who is on a relaxation holiday to entrepreneurs who are on a business trip and looking for a functional and comfortable environment, suitable to carry out their jobs while enjoying small luxuries.
19 July 2021
The Queen of the house, the kitchen
The kitchen is undoubtedly the quintessential environment of our homes, we live it daily for cooking or simply to have a snack or enjoy conviviality moments. However, designing a kitchen is not as easy as it seems as it must be composed of three distinct areas. A cooking area consisting of cookers and an oven, a storage area consisting of pantries and a refrigerator, and a washing area consisting of sinks and a dishwasher.
7 June 2021
Make the garden of your dreams come true
Until a few decades ago, the garden was simply regarded as an external area almost unrelated to the dynamics of the house, while it is becoming more and more important nowadays. The emergency due to the Covid pandemic has obliged us to stay at home for long periods, and the lucky owners of an outdoor space have had the possibility to fully live their gardens and enjoy precious relaxing moments in magical corners.
10 May 2021
come arredare ufficio
Tips and ideas to furnish your office
Nowadays the design of an office requires the same attention usually paid to the design of a home. Many companies have now understood that the customization of spaces is fundamental both in communicative terms and for the collective well-being of workers. The aseptic and grey offices are now outdated, and the current customizations reflect the company's mission and core business; moreover, the relaxing, harmonious, and comfortable environments have a positive influence on workers and increase their productivity.
12 April 2021
come progettare un bagno
How to design a functional and comfortable bathroom
The bathroom is not anymore the place to be exclusively dedicated to your personal care, but it has lately become the place where you can also relax and restore yourself. Its arrangement should be therefore aesthetically satisfying and allow you to enjoy its functions in the best possible way.
8 March 2021
The 110% Superbonus and the FAD Studio’s services for you
The Superbonus is a benefit provided by the Relaunch Decree which increases the deduction rate for the expenses incurred from 1st July 2020 to 30 June 2022 to 110%, for specific works aimed at the implementation of energy redevelopment works and anti-seismic interventions on buildings. These new measures complement the deductions provided for the restoration works of the building heritage, including those for the abatement of the seismic risk (the Sismabonus) and those for the energy redevelopment of buildings (the Ecobonus).
8 February 2021
An enchanting work in the centre of Rome
Nowadays, the architectural restoration is still a controversial topic; the comparison between the various schools of thought is open and there are numerous ways to approach the work. Our Architectural Studio has recently carried out a restoration project in the historic centre of Rome, in cooperation with the Restorer Leonida Pelagalli.
11 January 2021
Architecture: not only shapes but colours too
In his system named "Architectural Polychromy", the great Le Corbusier studied and defined 63 different shades for the design of colour in architecture; he subsequently organised them in "a system", according to their shades, harmony, and their possible infinite combination modalities. Obviously, each shade and each combination represent a specific strategy for the development of the space, and how the human being will perceive it.
7 December 2020
A special mention to FAD for the “Promenade Tiburtina” project
We are happy to announce that our Studio has received a special mention for participating in the competition The Ceramics and the Project 2020. The jury members were the Architect Mario Cucinella, Professor Fulvio Irace, Aldo Colonetti and Confindustria Ceramica. They deemed appropriate to award this important recognition in the "Institutional" category to our project Promenade Tiburtina, realised in collaboration with Borzelli & Berta Architetti"
24 November 2020
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
FAD's tribute to three women who changed the world: Zaha Hadid, Marina Abramović and Gae Aulenti
3 November 2020
How to light up your home
During the design phase of the spaces of a house, the lighting technique is often set aside, as considered irrelevant or to be developed after the preliminary design phase; but that is not exactly how it is.
5 October 2020
What is architecture?
What is architecture? The question of questions with no absolute answer. Essayists, writers, architects, everybody has given - and still gives - a different meaning to both the architecture and to its surrounding world; architecture has been defined in many different ways: art, profession, culture, knowledge, emotion. A proper definition would be rather reductive, but we will try to review all the elements that shape it and give it substance.
21 September 2020
A Travel into the Interior Design
Talking of interior design means to talk about the design of interior spaces and of the professional who takes care of that: the interior designer. The interior designer is a creative person with particular features and peculiarities, who is able to shape and develop interior spaces of homes, offices, shops, etc. aimed at creating a harmonious and pleasant environment for the users.
7 September 2020
studio architettura fucine fad
FAD, architecture at 360° degrees
No matter what you are looking for: an interior designer, a restorer or an interior decorator! Our Architecture Studio is able to provide all the necessary services in any architectural fields, on its own or in cooperation with other firms, artisans, artists, and reliable suppliers, thus ensuring a finished turnkey product to both our long-standing customers and new ones.
28 July 2020
Consistence of magenta
We are more than happy to have been chosen by Towant Architectural Events to participate in the ArchichefNight competition, where the architect becomes "chef for one night". On July 8, we displayed our course with joy and enthusiasm, at the presence of other Studios participating in the competition, the judges, the cook, the public and live on the ZOOM platform and on Facebook.
1 June 2020
Superbonus 110%
110% Super bonus: Eco Bonus and Anti-Seismic Bonus
The Law No. 34 of 19 May 2020 has introduced the new "Relaunch" decree which widens the percentage of deduction due in the event of energy and seismic redevelopment of properties, by increasing the percentage up to 110% for the expenses incurred from 01.07.2020 to 31.12.2021; it has also introduced significant differences compared to the previous deductions (which remain effective without changes).
11 May 2020
Coronavirus: redesigning the city of tomorrow
It is more than manifest that this pandemic has changed and continues to change the habits of all the inhabitants of the planet. At this moment, it is equally clear that it is necessary to evaluate whether our cities are positively responding to this emergency, from a town planning and architectural point of view.
27 April 2020
The architect at the time of the Coronavirus
The current emergency that our country and the whole planet is facing, due to Covid-19, has changed our private and working lives. The Architect Fabrizio Forniti, founder of the Architecture Studio FAD, provided us some general reflections concerning the world of architecture, and specifically described how FAD reacted to this emergency: from Smart working to construction sites, from the Team to the remote design. The vision of an architect and of a professional.

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14 April 2020
progettazione giardini

Vertical Gardens: from the design to the realisation

In recent years, the attention to the environment, ecology and - more generally - to the landscape resulted in a greater diffusion of the so-called vegetable or green walls. These walls were especially created for outdoor spaces but can be also used indoor; although they do not completely solve the environmental problems, they certainly are a great ally to fight pollution, to improve people's psyche and to re-establish a healthy contact with nature.
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