A special mention to FAD for the “Promenade Tiburtina” project

Competition "The Ceramics and the Project 2020"

We are happy to announce that our Studio has received a special mention for participating in the competition The Ceramics and the Project 2020. The jury members were the Architect Mario Cucinella, Professor Fulvio Irace, Aldo Colonetti and Confindustria Ceramica. They deemed appropriate to award this important recognition in the "Institutional" category to our project Promenade Tiburtina, realised in collaboration with Borzelli & Berta Architetti", and created with the use of Marazzi ceramic tiles.

This competition, now in its ninth edition, is organised by Confindustria Ceramica and Edi.Cer. S.p.A, organiser of Cersaie, and aims to reward the best projects by Architects and Interior Designers carried out in the residential, commercial, and institutional building categories with Ceramics of Italy tiles.


This project was part of the redevelopment of the external area of a building with business / private intended use, located in the Eastern quadrant of Rome. In agreement with the Owner, the aim was to create an articulated, complex, and multiform space in front of the main entrance of the building, characterised by new paths, rest areas and new greenery.

The tiles used have both a pedestrian and vehicular function, thus allowing the safe passage of emergency vehicles in case of need. One of the design complexities was precisely to find the right combination between the pedestrian path, the vehicular one and the features required for the external area, creating a functional and aesthetic balance at the same time: the area acts therefore as a "promenade", a pleasant filter between the main entrance and the parking lot, which construction is planned in the future.

Laying of tiles

Before our intervention, the area was completely asphalted but we firmly intended to create some green areas where plant and tree species could be planted; the species were specifically chosen considering the geographical position, their change over the year and the solar orientation. As crowning element of our project, we used the products of the Marazzi Company, because of the well-known high quality of their Italian products and of their characteristics, that were totally suitable for the realisation of our project.

The type of Marazzi tiles used for this project are part of their Stoneway collection, beige colour series, sizes 30 x 30 (custom) and drivable 60 x 30 (custom), 20mm thick.

Construction site - Top view

Design completed

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