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Art is a continuous research, assimilation of past experiences and addition of new experiences in shape, content, material, technique and means.

Bruno Munari

FAD Fucine Architettura Design S.r.l. was founded by the Architect Fabrizio Forniti. It was born as a structure exclusively dedicated to Interior and Exterior Design, based on the remarkable technical and operational know-how acquired over the years of activity.

As clearly expressed by its name, the aim of FAD is to always forge and generate new ideas to be applied to its projects, thanks to a constant research in the architectural, design, artisan, and industrial production fields. To realise that, all professionals working in the TAD team have the highest-level skills in the various areas of architecture and design.

One of the most identifying and important features of our Studio is to work in a familiar environment, in which everyone is involved in giving his human and professional contribution. Working with pleasure and amusement is something that must never fail, thus allowing each member of the team to express its personality in the group.

Architecture is technique and inspiration for everyone, where creativity and precision meld together to create functional, aesthetic and environmental friendly projects.

The care and attention we reserve to the relationship with each customer is very important; relationships of trust and mutual esteem are created, whether it is a new customer, or a long-standing one.

relationships of trust and mutual esteem are created, whether it is a new customer, or a long-standing one. Human and professional understanding of the customer's needs is the basis for offering an overall support for the different activities, over the time. In fact, knowing the past interventions allow us to better interact and manage current and future projects.



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