Mistakes to avoid during a home renovation

Why you should rely on a specialist in the sector

Facing the renovation of your own home inevitably causes a lot of anxiety because there are many things to take into account and, if you have no experience, there are many mistakes you could make.

We at Studio FAD can help you with your home project from the bureaucratic paperwork to the design of your home to handing over the keys once your project is completed. However, we would like to list below some of the most common mistakes that are made when a renovation is carried out without the necessary know-how.

1 - You do not involve a specialist

If you are thinking of renovating your home by yourself, passion, and knowledge of the industry, as well as a taste in decor are not enough. There are regulatory and technical aspects that the specialists know and understand which will help you avoid any troublesome and annoying situations as well as mistakes that might cost you unnecessary expense. And relying on an unaccredited company can result in enormous damage to your home, so best not grope in the dark!

2 - The conditions of the house are not checked before finalising the purchase

During the purchase, it is very important to have an expert appraisal prepared by a technician who thoroughly assesses the state of the property, highlighting any possible interventions needed to be carried out, especially regarding home installations.

3 - The project has not been established and the budget has not been defined

You should define the guidelines of the project and all possible solutions with the specialist. Once the best solution has been decided, it is essential to draw up a bill of quantities which identifies all expenses item by item to avoid incurring any unexpected costs. Often, in fact, variations and unforeseen events can arise during the implementation phase which in turn lead to changes to the initial budget. However, if the calculation was carried out to perfection, these variations will not affect the implementation of the project.

4 - You rely on an unknown firm

Entrusting the work to a specialised firm is the right path to take, especially since renovation always requires a series of complex interventions. Studio FAD, with our extensive experience and many years of working in this sector, know a large number of highly specialised contractors with proven results that we can suggest to you. We can also assist you in finding new contractors, supporting you in the choice of the most suitable for the interventions needed to be carried out. One thing is certain, it is better to spend a little more rather than meet with a catastrophe later on!
It is also important to establish a time frame for the execution of the work, putting into writing both the completion date and the delivery date of the work.

5 - The budget is not met

As stated above, variants can occur that result in changes to costs. To avoid exceeding the budget, it is common practice to have a 20% margin of expenditure so as to remain within budget. In addition, a maximum expenditure should be established at the beginning of the project.

6 - You save on everything, including the quality of materials

Certainly, it is important to compare as many different offers as possible, being attentive to costs, but you should not neglect the quality of materials. Our advice is not to save money on primary elements, such as plant installations and flooring, which need to resist over time. If they are realised with poor materials, they might cause more than one problem. It can also lead to misunderstandings between the contractor and the client which may sour relationships: something that should be avoided to achieve your goal.

7 - Tax advantages and building procedures are unknown

A specialist can help you unravel the various tax advantages related to renovations which can help cut the costs of your home renovation. In addition, if building procedures and paperwork are not managed correctly you might be subject to sanctions and risk owning an unsaleable property. We do not need to underline the seriousness of this situation.

8 - All spaces are neither optimized nor occupied

One aspect to consider at the beginning phase is the distribution of internal spaces. It is important to carefully evaluate whether an open space or a space divided into several areas is the best solution for you, remembering that these spaces will then be filled with furniture, objects, and ornaments. Freedom of movement should not be affected by this choice: being free to move around in your own space should be your priority. .

9 - A Project Manager and Safety Manager have not been appointed

A Project Manager is essential for the correct execution of the works. In addition to verifying the proper execution of all building processes, the Project Manager takes care of the relationship with the contractor and suppliers and coordinates all the phases, ensuring that time frames and the previously established budget are met.

10 - Thinking of your home as a static environment

Who doesn't start by browsing home design magazines or websites full of pleasant images when thinking of renovating their home?
Images are important for finding inspiration of course, but they are static; they do not represent the reality of the people who live in the houses. Your home is a living space filled with daily events and our task as specialists is to create a perfect union between those images and the reality of your lives and activities.

11 - Forgetting what technology is available

To forget the existence of new technologies is a shame, especially because they can support us not only in our daily household activities, but also in improving energy efficiency.
In fact, home automation can be used not only to move shutters and switch on / off lights but today can also control the temperature of a room via a simple smart phone, thus improving the comfort of the environment and allowing savings on air conditioning / heating costs.

These are just some of the most important risks involved in house renovation. Our FAD Team consists of architects ready to tailor-make your project, keeping in mind both your needs and expectations. You become an integral part of the decision-making process with our team during our meetings in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, you will benefit from our skills and know-how in this sector as well as from our knowledge of contractors and suppliers in the industry.

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