Consistence of magenta

ArchichefNight by Towant – The FAD Architecture Studio on a plate!

We are more than happy to have been chosen by Towant Architectural Events to participate in the ArchichefNight competition, where the architect becomes "chef for one night". On July 8, we displayed our course with joy and enthusiasm, at the presence of other Studios participating in the competition, the judges, the cook, the public and live on the ZOOM platform and on Facebook.

A great opportunity: create a dish, whose colours, consistence, and flavours could represent and describe our Studio, our staff, the projects we create as well as our human and professional distinctive features.
Starting from an idea of the Architect Forniti, the mainstay and glue of our Studio, the red thread of the dish we created was the magenta colour: one of the colours of our logo, that is present in all our designs and which distinguishes and represents us. Thus "Consistence of Magenta" was born: a colourful dish with a delicate flavour and a defined and captivating character.
The supporting heart of our dish was a red beet flan laid on a cream of sage potatoes, accompanied by goat cheese quenelles enriched with red beet chips on top. The crispness and the colour of our dish were characterised by toasted and crumbled hazelnuts and shoots of red beet and alpha alpha.

The preparation:
We first prepared a roux base for the flan (with flour, butter, milk, and salt); once the mixture was thickened and brought to room temperature, we added the eggs, the Parmesan, and the grated beets. When the mixture was ready, we greased the cups and placed them in a baking tray filled with water, to cook them in a bain-marie in the oven for approximately 50 minutes.
We thinly sliced the beetroot to create thin disk of red beet chips; we crisped them in the oven with a drizzle of oil and rosemary. To prepare our potato cream, we have boiled some water with sage, and then removed it. We then added the broth and the potatoes; once the potatoes were cooked, we blended our mixture. We were ready to plate up!

To prepare the goat cheese quenelles, we have mixed in a cream the cheese with finely chopped chives. We have then modelled them to create the desired shape.
We therefore wanted to show all the contrasts of our Studio: compact like a potato cream, sweet and soft like a flan, crunchy like the hazelnuts and the chips and coloured, like our creativity and our environment.
It was a wonderful experience! Now, we just have!

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