How to design a functional and comfortable bathroom

Advice and solution for the "relaxing" environment of your home

The bathroom is not anymore the place to be exclusively dedicated to your personal care, but it has lately become the place where you can also relax and restore yourself. Its arrangement should be therefore aesthetically satisfying and allow you to enjoy its functions in the best possible way.

Furnishing the bathroom is not as easy as it seems and there are two main objectives to keep in mind: the first one is the optimisation of the space, the second one is its accessibility, that should be facilitated especially if there are elderly, children or disabled at home. Sizes and dimensions of bathroom fittings are the binding element that defines the available space and becomes therefore the starting point of a bathroom design.

Moreover, the bathroom fittings must represent the taste of the owner and his / her style. It is therefore important to choose a defined style and implement it in the best possible way: contemporary, classic, Scandinavian, or Mediterranean.

To date, the most sought-after solutions are the modern ones with suspended bathroom fittings and furniture, which allow a better cleaning of the floor. As for the arrangement, the toilet and the bidet are usually placed side by side, while it is necessary to carefully design the placement of the washbasin according to the dimensions. In fact, it should be comfortably usable and accessible, as well as embellish the whole environment. Upholsteries, above all the natural stones, are extremely important as they give a unique charm to the environment and house the washbasins; the latter can be built-in, cantilevered, in column or even, the more original and trendy vanity top sink.

The choice of decorative radiators compared to classic radiators is also extremely important; in fact, decorative radiators take up less space and are also useful to warm and dry towels, hand towels and napkins.

The other two important elements that characterise our bathroom are certainly the bathtub or the shower that are inevitably well visible, given their dimensions. It is always advisable to use transparent walls when the spaces are limited, to allow a greater passage of light.

The most important peculiarity of the floor is its damp resistance, this is why resin and stoneware are almost always preferred. Today, the wood is also used but its quality must be very resistant. In case a wood finish is chosen, the most suitable solution is the teak, but it is important to consider its high cost.

Upholsteries are among the most characterising elements of the bathroom, as they convey elegance, design, or modernity to the environment; ceramic and stoneware are available in a multitude of finishes and colours and give a unique character to your bathroom. Today, also some types of wallpapers suitable for humid environments are used; their infinite patterns allow you to create an original space, that pleasantly capture also your guests.

The last but not least step is the choice of accessories, that is all those elements that make the bathroom functional: waste baskets, laundry baskets, towel racks, small containers, etc.

So, whether it is a small or a large space, the bathroom has become a must in the interior design of a home and is more and more the place where to enjoy some pleasant moments for yourself.

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