Home decoration in Autumn’s colours

Let be inspired by the colours and wonder of Autumn landscape

Each house has its own soul, given by its exposure, its characteristics, and - above all - by its inhabitants. The seasons influence the way we live our homes, how we relate to them and the surrounding world. Autumn is knocking at the door, with its warm colours and the first cold days, bringing the desire to rest on a sofa while watching a movie or reading a book. Let's see some ideas to be inspired by the wonder of the outdoor landscape.

Colours such as ochre, green, red, amber, and grey are the first colours we think of when autumn arrives. These are the colours of the withering leaves, the earth, the meadows, and of low heavens. How to use these colours in our homes?

Orange and yellow are two warm and enveloping colours that create a soft environment. In their opaque and desaturated nuances, these two colours are perfect to be used on furnishing accessories in the living room and in the kitchen while their pastel shades are perfect for the textures of chairs, lamps, and armchairs. Yellow, in particular, is one of the trendiest colours in home decor in its ochre and mustard hue.

Red, bordeaux, and earth colours can literally light certain corners of our home and revitalise the climate of a room. They recall the foliage of trees that are about to fall and are perfect in convivial rooms, such as the kitchen and the dining room. However, it is better to use them with moderation, especially on objects and fabrics such as dishes, tableware, walled decorations, or other type of decorations.

Grey and dove-grey are particularly adaptable, thus ideal for any environment. These two colours combined with the colours mentioned above create the perfect mix for our home. Imagine them on the walls, in their dusty shades, and on textures of sofas and armchairs in their brighter shades.

Green is the colour of nature in all its shades. In autumn it becomes duller and darker, and its nuance changes to moss green, olive green or bottle green, which are all extremely suitable to create a magical environment, with a rarefied and welcoming atmosphere. They are recommended especially for wall and objects such as blankets, and pillows.

Finally, if you do not want to turn the decor of your home upside-down you can anyway bring in an autumnal touch to the environments, enriching them with scented candles, soft lights inside small lanterns, brown blankets and pillows on sofa and armchairs, and decorations with dried twigs and yellowed leaves. In this case, using the decoupage technique, you can decorate trays, glass plates, or place them in vases and jars to beautify the living room.

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