2022 trends in Interior Design

Colours and materials in harmony with sustainability

Every year, there are new trends in the interior design field, both in terms of colours and in terms of furniture, and it is expected that 2022-features will be well-defined and inspiring. 2022 will be characterised by design combined to comfort, and a great attention is paid to sustainability and minimalism: the house is again the centre of the relationships and simple and natural materials will be used to design and furnish it.

With this in mind, the furnishing styles closest to this philosophy are certainly the minimal style, the Nordic style, the Bohemian style and the rustic one, characterised by specific materials and colours: stone, wood and glass will be the most used and loved materials as eco-sustainable and highly customisable. The most popular colours will be the shades of green, yellow, and ochre as aesthetically close to natural environments, such as forests, deserts and so on. The combination of white and wood will be still in use thanks to its timeless features that can be adapted to any environment and style.

Thanks to its natural characteristics and its resistance, stone will acquire a great importance in the construction of kitchen worktops and small furnishing elements, up to the construction of entire internal walls creating a rustic effect adapted to our times. The second most used material will be the glass which gives a delicate and refined mark to the environment creating plays of light and shapes; last but not least, the wood. Loved, versatile and above all timeless, it will give warmth and character to the environment, conveying that feeling of innate eco-sustainability and great purity. In open space environments, the mix of these materials will create a harmonious environment, where urban features easily blend with the "green" elements.

As we have already said, in addition to the materials, the colours will be the focal point of 2022. The new predominant colour will be olive green that replaces the sage, the teal, and the emerald and that will have a greater effect on furnishings, accessories, and decorative elements rather than on walls. Yellow and ochre will also play an important role along with the green, giving an elegant atmosphere and a surprisingly embracing effect to the house. On the other hand, who is looking for strong effects may use the magenta, or the scarlet red combined to the white, thus creating a unique contrast in the environments.

However, the actual innovation of 2022 is the upcycling. This term was conceived in 1994 by a German mechanical engineer and it is different from recycling. Thanks to a preservative process, the upcycling is aimed at improving the pre-existing product, without denaturalising it and by enhancing its final quality; recycling instead is aimed at bringing the object back to life, with less regard to the preservation of the original state. By not breaking up the initial component, upcycling aims to reduce wastefulness, save money, and create something different, unique, and innovative compared to the product the large distribution had previously introduced in the market.

Whether they are living or working spaces open or partitioned spaces, one thing is sure: natural materials and colours will be the emblem to offer a welcoming and pure soul to our environments

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