Your bedroom, your wellness space

From the choice of your style to the furnishing details for your "dream" bedroom

Which is the most intimate room in a house? The bedroom, of course!

When you are choosing a style for your home, especially for the sleeping area, you have to consider different aspects to obtain the perfect balance between functionality and customization. It is not easy to choose the right design for the bedroom since each style is distinguished by well-defined colours and shapes, regardless of the style chosen…contemporary, classic, or Bohemian...

The choice of the floor is extremely important; whether it is a light floor or a dark floor, it is preferable not to choose a colour in strong contrast with the colour chosen for the walls but a colour which gives a correct balance, to create that delicate visual impact so suitable for bedrooms. This does not mean that you cannot choose and use bright colours; on the contrary, bright colours are preferable for large bedrooms to create a surprising visual effect. On the other hand, delicate and soft colours, such as pastel ones, are preferable for smaller bedrooms: for example, grey and beige make the room look larger.

The choice of bed is fundamental and should not be taken for granted. Different aspects have to be considered, such as the position of doors and windows, and the available space.
Storage beds are the perfect choice for small bedrooms as they have a great space-saving function and allow you to keep the bedroom clean. On the other hand, for larger bedrooms, there are different available options according to the style chosen; you can opt for a wooden bed, a wrought-iron bed, a four-poster bed (in the case of a shabby style), or for the Asian style with the typical Japanese bed arranged on the floor, in case you are fanciful and a travel lover. The headboard of the bed is another important detail; for example, if a wallpaper covers the bottom wall, it would be preferable to have a bed without a headboard, so you will not compromise the overall scenic effect. While if you have a monochrome bottom wall, the headboard can even become the key furnishing element of the environment, whether it is made of fabric or other natural materials.

In addition to the bed, the bedroom requires the presence of one or more wardrobes, even if walk-in closets are becoming increasingly common. Today, walk-in-closets are increasingly chosen as they guarantee a larger and more functional space to put away your clothes and are an element of design. In case you opt for a wardrobe you will have different available styles to choose from, from classic to contemporary, from hinged doors to sliding doors, and you can get loose between all kinds of materials and finishes.

Lighting is another important element to consider for the design of your bedroom. Lights can further customize your space and enhance its quality. Last but not least, do not forget the "fil rouge" that unites the bedroom to the rest of the house. Chandeliers and spotlights create a fuller immersive light while table lamps, wall lamps, desk lamps and floor lamps create a softer and more delicate environment. Considering that lamps are a furnishing element to all intents and purposes, their choice shall be guided by the style of the specific lighting body that should respect the general character of the bedroom.

After having designed the overall style of your bedroom, your attention must be focused on the details of the furnishing accessories!

A small detail is sufficient to give the touch you are looking for your bedroom, and that represents your personality. Then you can get loose with paintings and graphic prints, shelves with plants and objects of design, eclectic pillows, wall, or floor mirrors; all well balanced to create the room in which you will hole up to enjoy your deserved relaxation.

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