A Travel into the Interior Design

Interior Designers and their approach to architecture

Talking of interior design means to talk about the design of interior spaces and of the professional who takes care of that: the interior designer. The interior designer is a creative person with particular features and peculiarities, who is able to shape and develop interior spaces of homes, offices, shops, etc. aimed at creating a harmonious and pleasant environment for the users.

Creativity is one of the main features of an interior designer, who is also an extremely complex figure as he / she must sort out from complex choices of decors, colours, lighting, and furniture. In a nutshell, in addition to a technical and creative background, an interior designer must also have a refined taste, style and ability to imagine the space and its potential. Thanks to the experience developed over many years of activity, our team of architects and interior designers are able to develop the best proposals to meet the customer's requests and to understand their aesthetic sense and ideas.

Therefore, a capable designer must create spaces that give emotions: a restaurant whose colours enchant your attention, a home whose spaces become containers of memories, a shop whose environments are fluent and simple to use.

The interior designer is often confused with the interior decorator, but the difference is remarkable: while the interior decorator only deals with the aesthetic characteristics of an interior space (furniture, colours, paintings, etc.), the interior designer must also be able to develop and realise creative solutions, must have a technical knowledge of materials, of their functions, peculiarities and of their transformation over the time. One of the most important skills is therefore the ability to exploit the spaces, both to make the best use of very large environments but - especially - to make the best use of small places, where every square meters is of the utmost importance to make the home, the restaurant or the shop as functional as possible.

The interior designer must also be able to deal with the environmental sustainability, which is often supported by a wise use of technology. The latter can be the tool for the implementation of energy saving systems, the reuse of recycled materials or the use of eco-sustainable materials, as well as for the implementation of designs aimed at exploiting sunlight and much more.

Creativity, technique, sustainability, design are just some of the many characteristics that a designer must have in order to perform his / her task at best. Thanks to the many years of experience and the many works carried out in different areas, our Studio of Architecture has all these qualities; we deal and carry out with passion, professionalism and creativity every challenge, regardless the environments involved: spaces intended for offices, shops, restaurants, homes, villas or large real estate complexes.

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