The new 2023 trends for interior design

Colours, styles, and materials between minimal and luxury

A new year has just begun but some things from the past have put down their roots and decided to accompany us during 2023.
Despite the pandemic now seems simply a memory, it has led us to greater research of our personal well-being. This is how our house has become our nest, firstly due to the provisions set by Covid-19 regulations, then for our own pleasure. The perfect shelter in which we can cuddle and hug our lives and ourselves. In 2023, materials and furniture propose new solutions to live and customise our spaces and regenerate the old ones with new visions, but still maintaining some certainties from the past.

One of these certainties is that nature continues to have a predominant role in the design of houses and colours, botanical prints, and plants are the prerequisite for keeping up with the times. Considering this trend, one of the fundamental colours of this year is definitely the emerald green, that together with purple, fuchsia and dove-grey will colour the new year.

On December 1, 2022, the Pantone Color Institute, an authority in the chromatic world that has indicated the following year's hue for over twenty years, chose Viva Magenta (PANTONE 18-1750) as the color of the year 2023. With a nuanced red, very close to carmine and inspired by cochineal, one of the oldest and most precious natural dyes with strong and brilliant characteristics, it certainly wants to refer and reconnect to the original material.

The 2023 interior proposal are focused on extremely functional homes whose spaces can be used in different ways, as an office, a gym, or even a class without overlooking some relax corners. The quintessential trend for 2023 will be the minimal style and its motto "less is more"! This style is characterised by practical and catty-corner furniture, allowing to carry out many different activities. Clear order and freedom of movement are the mantra for living the house.

The quality and sustainability of the materials are an essential factor, and the Scandinavian style is precisely the style that meets such criteria as it offers the functionality and comfort so eagerly looked for nowadays. Furniture with clean and dry lines, combined to delicate pastel colours, are the primary choice among the interior decor trend choices of this year. The philosophy behind the Nordic design is the shape at the service of the function, this is why great importance is paid to the natural characteristics of materials and to the functionality of furniture and accessories. The Scandinavian design is becoming increasingly important thanks to the great attention that this style pays to "green and ecological" matters, as well as to recycling, recovery, and net-zero emission production processes. Green light to rationality and simplicity then, but without forgetting a touch of movement given by "curved" architectural and furniture elements that we unconsciously perceive as warm and comfortable.

The attention to the energy saving is another element that must be currently considered in our architectural and interior design choices. As always, the natura light is the undisputed King of energy saving. In fact, open spaces and / or lofts should be equipped with large windows allowing to illuminate the rooms with natural sunlight. In addition, the masonries to confine the spaces should be avoided and replaced by furniture that define the functions of the individual space. Last but not least, home automation is another important element in energy saving. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and automated systems, it reduces consumption while simplifying our lives.

However, 2023 will also be characterized by small contradictions and contrasts. Although the new furniture palette provides pastel shades, warm, and soft nuances to illuminate and enlarge the environments, on the other hand there is a revival of the opulence.

Luxury finishes made of precious materials and bright colours will be displayed in different areas of the house, bringing you back to discover brilliant textures and fine fabrics. Opulence does not mean waste of course! More processed materials are not a synonymous of more polluting manufactures or less eco-friendly processes. Other trend materials in 2023 are stoneware, marble, and natural stones. This year, tiles will also have natural and simple features, given by soft and delicate colours and feelings. State-of-art materials cannot be excluded of course, and a new innovative material is entering the stage, the MDI (Mineral Design Innovation) by Inalco. Thanks to its extraordinary technical, ecological and resistance qualities, this material allows to create impeccable elements. The starting point is the selection of precious minerals and their processing through the acceleration of a natural lithogenous process, which allow to create wonderful products without destroying the environment.

This fascinating contrast between minimal and luxury is leading to new horizons in the design field. For example, we have new wallpapers depicting natural elements but made up of quality and value fabrics and precious colours. It seem therefore that each element aims to underline its strong and characterising details, by underlining edges, irregularities, and the intrinsic features of materials.

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