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Nowadays the design of an office requires the same attention usually paid to the design of a home. Many companies have now understood that the customization of spaces is fundamental both in communicative terms and for the collective well-being of workers. The aseptic and grey offices are now outdated, and the current customizations reflect the company's mission and core business; moreover, the relaxing, harmonious, and comfortable environments have a positive influence on workers and increase their productivity.

The two keystones of an office design are the functionality and the aesthetics. Over the years, these two keystones have played an important role in creating captivating and sophisticated design solutions for the corporate image market, that is becoming increasingly competitive.

The large use of colours, quality materials and lighting solutions allow to create more modern offices, which favourite the interaction between employees and give a less formal and relaxed touch to the environment. Comfort and functionality of furniture are among the most important criteria to meet, as they will result in a greater concentration on the jobs assigned.

Just as the house often reflects the tastes of its owner, also the offices reflects specific styles and are sometime a mirror of the activity carried out. There is a wide range of styles, some of which are described below.

Contemporary Office

The contemporary design, often combined with marked technology, is suitable for progressive companies with an optimistic vision of the future, like our project "Contemporary elegences". The leitmotif of the entire design is the glass surfaces, combined with lacquered woods, metals and eclectic styles. The main colour is white, while bright and lively colours are used as additional elements to distinguish environments and furnishings with specific characteristics or functions.

Classic Office

Elegance and formality are the key words for this type of office, especially suitable for companies such as law firms, notaries, and high representative offices, like our project "Cross current offices". The "wood" is certainly the first word that comes to mind when we think of these kinds of offices; the wood embellishes the walls with elegant wainscoting, furnishes the rooms with warm and robust shades and gives its essences to the most varied finishing of parquet. Furnishings are the main characters of this tale and through artisanal, antiques and high-quality tailor-made processing give a touch of stability and safety to the whole environment.

Minimal Office

The three cornerstones to design a minimal office are the furniture with clean lines, regular geometric shapes, and neutral colours, which result in tidiness, cleanliness, and calmness. Less clutter in the workplace results in less mental confusion, thus creating relaxed and fruitful environments. The main feature is the use of white that promotes the concentration and makes the space perceptually larger. The quantity of furniture is limited and carefully chosen so that its brighter colours can immediately capture the visitors' attention.

Nordic Style Office

Scandinavian countries are strongly established in the residential design and interior design market since years, and they are now becoming leaders in the design of offices and other work environments. The Nordic design is unmistakable, with its essential, sweet, and cosy lines. The rounded geometric lines of furnishings, the light shades of colours and the use of pastel colours on walls and objects give a special character to the environment, resulting in a perception of lightness and informality.

Pop Art Office

A highly characterising and particular style of furniture is the pop art style, widely used in creative and youthful environments of companies, that usually operate in the marketing, communication, and new media sectors. These environments are usually open spaces which facilitate and encourage exchanges and interactions between the staff members, thanks to the absence of acoustic or visual barriers. The pop colours give a great liveliness to the environment and characterise it in an original and unique way, as well as the painting of walls, the use of coloured floors and the choice of eclectic furniture.

Industrial Office

The name itself remembers specific materials and environments. The open space is preferred also for this type of office; however, it is characterised by large windows that recall the factories of the last century and their peculiar atmosphere. The industrial style is unmistakable and gives that worn character to the environment, memory of romantic and vintage atmospheres. Iron wardrobes, raw wood tables and exposed systems are nestled among exposed brick walls, massive quantities of steel, iron, and raw materials.

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