Wainscot and wallpaper

How to personalise homes, offices, and commercial premises

Over time, trends of the past often become fashionable once again in the Design and Interior Design sectors which propose them anew. Wainscot and wallpaper are at the peak of their success once again in the Architecture field and contemporary furniture market and we will show you their possible uses and the different types available.

Both of them are a great idea to decorate the walls of homes, offices, and restaurants resulting in a refined taste and a unique and personalised style. Compared to furniture style that tends to change in longer times, wainscot and wallpaper are constantly updated by the changing of textures, materials, and patters; in short, they surprise us continuously.


Although the wainscot has never been completely abandoned, it is coming back in fashion in the Interior Design sector. It is usually associated to mountain huts and extremely formal work environments, but this is not entirely true nowadays; at present, wainscot is a contemporary element realised with trendy colours and shapes. In fact, there are now various types of wainscots available, such as the elegant and stylish panelling made up of slats, the smooth panelling for minimal environment and those reproduced by pantograph which embraces the vintage style but become actual thanks to the combination with pastel colours.

The unbridled return of the panelling has been helped by the return on the scenes of the Art Deco style, which has however merged it with classic and modern elements. Another style in which wainscot is widely used is the shabby chic style; in this case the panelling is marked by pastel or soft colours and characterizes kitchens and bedrooms of people who love this style. A wainscot may have different functions - it decorates the environments thanks to the refined and elegant style of wood panels, but it can also be used as a cavity wall to hide systems pipes, mitigate noise, or protect the walls of commercial / managerial environments. In addition to wood, wainscots can be also made of ceramic (especially if installed in toilets), plaster, putty, or polystyrene; all these materials should be always painted. The latest fashions also propose metal wainscot made of copper, brass or black steel usually enriched by a rhythmic design which makes them amazing.

Full height wainscot are also optimal to conceal built-in closet, replacing the doors of wardrobes. The ceiling panelling is less used due to its high cost although it can make any environment one of a kind as far as the Interior Design is concerned.


Thanks to its versatility and easy installation, wallpaper is a stylish element of furniture that could make an environment unparalleled if it used with imagination. There are several materials available, and we will explain you their differences and how to do a perfect choice for your needs.

The most popular type is the cellulose wallpaper, widely appreciated for its resistance and durability over the time. It is definitely the “greenest” solution since it is not plasticized and can be painted with any colour and pattern.

"Non-woven fabric" is made up of textile and synthetic fibres, and it is cheaper and more resistant than the cellulose type. It has several peculiarities, such as the breathability that prevents the formation of mould and the low maintenance, as easy it is to apply and can be washed at any time.

The most innovative wallpaper is the 3D type that thanks to its particular optical effect makes the environment wider and one of a kind.

The vinyl wallpaper is perfect for wet environments (e.g., toilet and kitchen); it is made up of a layer of paper covered by a PVC layer that ensures the waterproofing.

Last but not least the grass fabric wallpaper. If you pay attention to the environment and the eco-sustainability, this is the type of wallpaper that certainly suits you. Being made of materials such as jute, hemp, or cane it cannot be absolutely washed.

The most amazing thing of wallpapers is the wide range of choice of colours, textures, and patterns of all kinds. Jungle style, minimal, geometric, or abstract, wallpapers allow you to diversify the different environments of the house, especially of open spaces.

We can help you from the design to the choice of the best product to make your home, office, pub the most personalized place you would like to have!

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