Dress your home for Christmas

Tips to furnish your home in a perfect Christmas style

Christmas, when our home literally come alive. Lights, hangings, decorations, candles, and flowers convey that embracing Christmas atmosphere which involves and envelopes the whole family, created by playing both with traditional elements and fantasy ones. The essential element is the Christmas tree of course, either it is kitsch or minimal, green, or white, with or without lights, the important is that it is there! Let's see some tips on how furnishing your home to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Let's start from the tree whose style and colour will influence all the other decorations. It must be chosen with great care as its palette of colours will be then used throughout the home in different tones and nuances. We suggest two different styles for your Christmas tree, the Nordic style consisting of minimal decorations, mostly made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo or twigs, leaves, and pine cones. The beauty of this type of tree is further enhanced by using neutral colour decorations, such as white, dove-grey, beige, olive, or smoke that will be then emphasised by lights of different colour and intensity. The second style we suggest is the classical one which involves the use of warm colour decorations, such as gold, silver, copper, or red. To better enhance this type of tree, it is suitable to use not more than two colours, which will be then emphasised by monochrome white and yellow lights, giving a natural touch of elegance to your tree.

Once you have decided the tree you prefer, you must think of interior decorations. The important thing is to avoid overdoing and overabundance. The "less is more" idiom is always a winning formula, involving the use of a thought-out set of objects, correctly positioned throughout the home. Some examples? Small, stylized trees, unicolour stars, garlands composed by fresh flowers or homemade paper flowers, simple material gnomes, candles and accessories made of gold or steel, according to the style of your Christmas tree. We recommend not to hang anything to the wall but to place the decorations against it, to avoid holes or stains that will remain throughout the year.

Windows are another important element that can be enriched for Christmas. You can embellish your windows with lanterns placed on the windowsill to create a soft, magical atmosphere, or hanging lights on the glass, visible from the outside. Even stylised paper snowflakes can be used to enlighten window's glasses.

Finally, the table, which is probably the most important element and the most lived one by the families during holidays. It can be decorated with themed tablecloths, whose colour should recall the shades used for the tree. You can decorate your table with monochromatic centrepiece enriched by candles of different heights and sizes, or adorned with twigs, mistletoe, and flowers, or even completely replace the centrepiece with a true Christmas icon, the Poinsettia.

Outdoor decorations should be sober and convey a joyful and peaceful feeling. The entrance door could be enriched with Christmas baubles or garlands, positioned at the top of the door or at half height, anyway in a central position.
Some simple strings of illuminations can be installed on the perimeter of balconies and terraces. There are so many types to pick of different shapes and colours, to illuminate your balcony or your terrace in an original way. They grant that typical magical look of Christmas atmosphere to both your home and passers-by. Finally, the garden. It is sufficient to illuminate its pots, bushes, and hedges to achieve a delicate and spectacular effect. If you dare, or if you have enough available space, you might consider placing some illuminated Christmas silhouettes, such as elves, reindeer, Santa Claus, snowmen, or large trees.

In short, it is not important to follow strict rules but simply to follow simple indications to let your imagination free and create a unique Christmas atmosphere!

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