A garden on the balcony: an intimate space for your home

Tips & Tricks to realise it, between aesthetics and technique

During the warmer months, balconies, smallbalconies, and terraces may be an extremely comfortable space for our homes, even essential for someone; however, they are often used as an external boxroom thus losing their true potential.

Especially in the cities, where owning a small garden is almost impossible, the balcony offers the opportunity to create a unique space for yourself at home. Regardless of the available space, it can be transformed into a small living room, a relaxing garden, or a corner dedicated to outdoor lunches and dinners. The most important thing is to optimize the spaces keeping in mind your final objective. The balcony can be therefore considered as a notable outdoor space, like a true garden composed of plants and materials of various kinds. Let's understand all the various aspects in detail on how to create a corner in which taking a break from the city.

The first step to create a cosy corner is the design; a targeted study is necessary to understand how to divide the available spaces. Orientation isextremely important: if it is exposed to the South, it will be pleasant and sunny, if it is exposed to the North, it will be shadier.In the first case, the balcony can be used to create an outdoor sitting room that will be an extension of the interior of the flat, in the second case it can be used to create a soberer garden suitable for plants that do not require direct sunlight.

The choice ofthe flooring is fundamental for the creation of your garden as it will influence the style and comfort of the entire space. Stoneware,stone, and wood are surely among the most used materials thanks to their resistance to atmospheric agents.
Sun, for example, althoughbeing so important may affect the comfort of our terraces, especially in hot summer days; it is therefore important to equip the balcony with a sun awning so that the terrace can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The awning is useful at night too as it offers an effective protection from moisture and wind.
Themix of these choicesmust be done considering the specific style you want to achieve which will be combined with furnishings, lighting, and any other decorative element. In addition to aesthetics, each element must be chosen also according to its size and material; whether it is made of plastic, wood or metal, the treatment of its surface must be weather resistant to avoid premature wear.

Plants ofcourseare the finaland essential element to create a perfect "balcony-garden" and must be chosen carefully considering different aspects: climatic variations over the year, sun exposure, grow characteristics and maintenance. Plants of different characteristics require a greater involvment and care; therefore, if you do not have enough spare time, it is better to opt for plants of the same kind with similar needs. Usually, evergreen species are preferred due to their chromatic continuity throughout the year, as well as climbing plants, such as ivy, which hasa great visual impact and requires little care at the same time.

Anyway.....why should we create a garden on the balcony?

Let's see the various pros.
Acoustic and thermal insulation: plants contribute to considerably mitigating external temperatures and deadening noises; They reduce pollutants through the absorption of carbon dioxide, thus contributing to create a healty and wholesome environment for the body; They provide a greater privacy from the surrounding buildings, especially if developed vertically; They in crease the value of the property given that a well-kept balcony enhances the flat potential.

It the factors above are not enough, let yourself be conquered by the inestimable value of an external space to enjoy your free moments; a small urban jungle hiding you from the hectic daily life.

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