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15 February 2021
icone del design
Design Icons
The icons of Design have no time: they enter our homes, our offices and all human spaces leaving a sign in the life’s history of each person. Elegance, simplicity, irreverence, colour, minimal ... everything participates in the creation of an object that travels in memory.
8 February 2021
An enchanting work in the centre of Rome
Nowadays, the architectural restoration is still a controversial topic; the comparison between the various schools of thought is open and there are numerous ways to approach the work. Our Architectural Studio has recently carried out a restoration project in the historic centre of Rome, in cooperation with the Restorer Leonida Pelagalli.
11 January 2021
Architecture: not only shapes but colours too
In his system named "Architectural Polychromy", the great Le Corbusier studied and defined 63 different shades for the design of colour in architecture; he subsequently organised them in "a system", according to their shades, harmony, and their possible infinite combination modalities. Obviously, each shade and each combination represent a specific strategy for the development of the space, and how the human being will perceive it.
7 December 2020
A special mention to FAD for the “Promenade Tiburtina” project
We are happy to announce that our Studio has received a special mention for participating in the competition The Ceramics and the Project 2020. The jury members were the Architect Mario Cucinella, Professor Fulvio Irace, Aldo Colonetti and Confindustria Ceramica. They deemed appropriate to award this important recognition in the "Institutional" category to our project Promenade Tiburtina, realised in collaboration with Borzelli & Berta Architetti"
24 November 2020
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
FAD's tribute to three women who changed the world: Zaha Hadid, Marina Abramović and Gae Aulenti
3 November 2020
How to light up your home
During the design phase of the spaces of a house, the lighting technique is often set aside, as considered irrelevant or to be developed after the preliminary design phase; but that is not exactly how it is.
5 October 2020
What is architecture?
What is architecture? The question of questions with no absolute answer. Essayists, writers, architects, everybody has given - and still gives - a different meaning to both the architecture and to its surrounding world; architecture has been defined in many different ways: art, profession, culture, knowledge, emotion. A proper definition would be rather reductive, but we will try to review all the elements that shape it and give it substance.
21 September 2020
A Travel into the Interior Design
Talking of interior design means to talk about the design of interior spaces and of the professional who takes care of that: the interior designer. The interior designer is a creative person with particular features and peculiarities, who is able to shape and develop interior spaces of homes, offices, shops, etc. aimed at creating a harmonious and pleasant environment for the users.
7 September 2020
studio architettura fucine fad
FAD, architecture at 360° degrees
No matter what you are looking for: an interior designer, a restorer or an interior decorator! Our Architecture Studio is able to provide all the necessary services in any architectural fields, on its own or in cooperation with other firms, artisans, artists, and reliable suppliers, thus ensuring a finished turnkey product to both our long-standing customers and new ones.
28 July 2020
Consistence of magenta
We are more than happy to have been chosen by Towant Architectural Events to participate in the ArchichefNight competition, where the architect becomes "chef for one night". On July 8, we displayed our course with joy and enthusiasm, at the presence of other Studios participating in the competition, the judges, the cook, the public and live on the ZOOM platform and on Facebook.
1 June 2020
Superbonus 110%
110% Super bonus: Eco Bonus and Anti-Seismic Bonus
The Law No. 34 of 19 May 2020 has introduced the new "Relaunch" decree which widens the percentage of deduction due in the event of energy and seismic redevelopment of properties, by increasing the percentage up to 110% for the expenses incurred from 01.07.2020 to 31.12.2021; it has also introduced significant differences compared to the previous deductions (which remain effective without changes).
11 May 2020
Coronavirus: redesigning the city of tomorrow
It is more than manifest that this pandemic has changed and continues to change the habits of all the inhabitants of the planet. At this moment, it is equally clear that it is necessary to evaluate whether our cities are positively responding to this emergency, from a town planning and architectural point of view.
27 April 2020
The architect at the time of the Coronavirus
The current emergency that our country and the whole planet is facing, due to Covid-19, has changed our private and working lives. The Architect Fabrizio Forniti, founder of the Architecture Studio FAD, provided us some general reflections concerning the world of architecture, and specifically described how FAD reacted to this emergency: from Smart working to construction sites, from the Team to the remote design. The vision of an architect and of a professional.
14 April 2020
progettazione giardini
Vertical Gardens: from the design to the realisation
In recent years, the attention to the environment, ecology and - more generally - to the landscape resulted in a greater diffusion of the so-called vegetable or green walls. These walls were especially created for outdoor spaces but can be also used indoor; although they do not completely solve the environmental problems, they certainly are a great ally to fight pollution, to improve people's psyche and to re-establish a healthy contact with nature.
5 March 2020
bonus edilizi 2020
Building Bonuses 2020 – Façade bonus, Eco Bonus, Anti-Seismic Bonus
The Italian State has put into effect several building Bonuses in 2020. As the guidelines are not sill completely clear today, we would like to clarify some aspects of these bonuses to better understand, for example, the fields of intervention, the legislation of reference, and - above all - who can benefit from these concessions and how obtain them.
17 February 2020
Fabrizio Forniti FAD
Radio interview with Fabrizio Forniti
Fabrizio Forniti, founder and architect of the FAD, was invited by Radio Roma Capitale to describe our architecture studio, our "Forge", where technique and creativity meld together, giving life to a world of professionals who cover the architectural aspect 360°, from design to construction.

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15 February 2021
icone del design

Design Icons

The icons of Design have no time: they enter our homes, our offices and all human spaces leaving a sign in the life’s history of each person. Elegance, simplicity, irreverence, colour, minimal ... everything participates in the creation of an object that travels in memory.