Radio interview with Fabrizio Forniti

Fabrizio Forniti
on Radio Roma Capitale

Fabrizio Forniti, founder and architect of the FAD, was invited by Radio Roma Capitale to describe our architecture studio, our "Forge", where technique and creativity meld together, giving life to a world of professionals who cover the architectural aspect 360°, from design to construction.

There is a perceived distance between architecture and society, but the main objective is that architecture concerns everyone. We try to bridge this gap by bringing the customer closer to each design phase.
The customer is invited to share his / her ideas, giving us the opportunity to rework them, to provide him / her with a product that is the fusion of his / her desires, our professionalism, creativity, and precision.

In our opinion, the function and meaning of the architecture does not lie only in the creation of a product, but also consists in giving to the community or to the individual something that arouses emotions and beauty, improving the quality of life at the same time. When architecture forgets to be an expression of the society, the quality in the welcoming and surround spaces is lacking, and it becomes an irritating and painful element within the city or the small place where it is located.

On the other hand, speaking of large-scale design, Fabrizio Forniti underlines several major problems. In addition to the presence of excessive constraints, municipal and public administrations do not promote the redevelopment of territory portions which would be particularly important to recover; such as the former industrial and commercial areas consisting of numerous dilapidated buildings. Their redevelopment could become a valid architectural intervention, functional to the collective life of the whole society.

Architecture is therefore an emblem of the changes over the time, a representation of places and an identity for the individual.

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