Petite boutique

Location: Anagni (FR)
Area: 120 Smq
Cliente: Private Customer
Project time: 2018

When there is not so much space in a shop, the design must show and bring in the right atmosphere. With small and well-balanced skills, we are able to give the right value to both the commercial aspect and the aesthetic one. Thanks to a curved wall with recesses, the objects on sale acquire the right value; thanks to some little crystal tables, the environment is lighter; and thanks to the light, a small clothing shop acquires a distinctive feature.

The design for the renovation of a small clothing boutique near Rome started from the need to better reorganise the spaces, according to a more functional logic for the existing commercial activity. It was planned to enhance the perimeter walls of the entrance area by creating a plasterboard false cover with a curvilinear pattern, housing some recesses to display the products on sale. The curved lines continue on the floor, outlining an elevated platform resulting in a large space adjacent to the glass entrance. Such space allows the setup of a scenographic shop window, consequently increasing its visibility from the street.

The already present tubular elements slide along the walls of the three exhibition spaces of the shop, drawing orthogonal geometries that dynamize the perimeter surfaces. They also act as coat hangers for the clothes on sale. The steel, together with the glass, also aesthetically defines the central tables for the display and the cash counter.
A flexible and functional lighting system has been designed to make the atmosphere welcoming and functional. It consists of spotlights installed on ceiling rails. In addition to the lighting, a dove-coloured resin floor is laid over the entire surface of the shop, up to the veranda. The latter is furnished with sofas, where the clients can wait to be received, which allows a view of the adjacent internal courtyard.

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