Happy Break

Location: Rome
Area: 185 Smq
Cliente: Multinational Company
Project time: 2018

Work is sacrosanct, but break is sacrosanct too!
To give colour and vigour to large offices, we have decided to include some fully equipped break areas to enjoy a nice break! These spaces, divided from the office but simultaneously inside it, are alive and lived, and allow the employees to take some time for their well-being.

Prepare a coffee, choose one of the many drinks from the large fridge, combine it with a sweet or savoury snack, share it with your colleagues around a table, sit on comfortable coloured stools and take a few minutes break from the work commitments ... this is an office attentive to the needs of its employees, who are not obliged to wait for the delivery service from the coffee bar - that never arrives - or, even worse, to leave the office for a short break while it is raining or it is cold outside.
Not all offices are suitable to such a setup, especially if they are located in the city centre, where the space is scarce and precious. When break areas of this type can be created, everyone's satisfaction is great: both for us, the designers, and for the people who will enjoy this space every day. We have therefore created various break areas of different sizes, for a total of 185 Sqm.

We have done our utmost to organise a large, and at the same time, suitable environment to house everything necessary: a storage unit with wooden shutters, a long working table with built-in sink, a professional automatic machine for preparing coffee and cappuccino, a large fridge with glass door, and the right number of tables where the employees can sit and share these pleasant leisure moments with their colleagues, to deepen their bonds or create new ones.

Divided from the office but inside it, wrapped in vitaminic colours on the wall and floor, a living and lived space that we hope to create more and more, because it represents the litmus paper of a work culture launched towards a better future, towards THE future.

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