A precious jewel

Location: Rome
Area: 30 Smq
Client: Private Customer
Project time: 2010

This project concerned the design and realisation of a small jeweller with adjoined workshop in the heart of the Monti district, a stone's throw away from the Imperial Forums, a district historically characterised by the presence of artisans' shops. At that time, the premises consisted of two distinct environments, allowing us to divide them according to the functions of the activity. Both environments were characterised by large shop windows facing the street.

design imprint was based on different needs: first of all, to increase the space in a small environment and the visibility of the handcrafted objects; to create a relaxed and welcoming environment, by using colours that blend both with the objects on sale (characterised by various materials and colours) and with the whole soul of the district; to make the new space contemporary, by using delicate and effective principles. We created a plasterboard wall in the first room, dedicated to the display of jewellery. A number of different sized recesses were created on the plasterboard wall, to house the jewellery display.

The ratio between full spaces (the wall) and empty spaces (the recesses) is not proportional; quite the opposite, the full spaces are greater to further increase the emphasis on the recesses and on the products on sale. We carried out several studies for this wall: at first, we had thought to insert some drawers in its lower part, to increase the contrast with the floor, or to create larger recesses covered with a wooden material. At the end, the results dominated on the main objective, the enhancement of jewellery.

In agreement with the client, the final choice was to create a linear and contemporary wall, organised with sized recesses to house the jewellery, thus "obliging" the human eye to exactly focus the attention on these spaces. Small LED lights have been embedded inside the recesses, to create plays of light and reflections on gems and metals.
We have used a warm colours wood flooring for the whole shop, to convey warmth and make the environment more welcoming.
The box, which visually divides the two rooms, has been inserted in the intrados between the first and second room. The second room is also divided by a small wall, where the workshop activities are carried out: the design and creation of handmade jewels. Both windows overlook one of the most important streets of the district and are a source of interest, because they allow to see both the laboratory and the objects on sale.
Linear shapes, delicate materials, warm and welcoming lights make the whole environment a small precious jewel.

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