A pleasant wait

Location: Rome
Area: 10 Smq
Client: Public Administration
Project time: 2019

We are used to seeing aseptic waiting rooms, devoid of character and with furnishing elements randomly arranged, with no sense of design. For this reason, we have offered to our customer different solutions, each one characterised by its own theme and style, but all united by the attention to the furnishing elements, arranged to enhance the environment value.

The property is located in the Castro Pretorio district of the city of Rome, a stone's throw from the Termini Station, a crucial hub of urban and suburban transports. The building was built in the first half of the 1900s and reflects all the aesthetic canons of the architecture of the time; today it is the headquarters of an important institutional body. The design involved the arrangement of a waiting room which winds along the corridor, born as a debris area between the various offices. We have designed three different proposals, sharing a common architectural element: a shield. The three proposals differ in the type of furniture chosen and the chromatic finish of the walls.
The shielding has been designed both as a separating element from the corridor and an introspection limit towards the waiting area. It consists of horizontally placed "Oaken" wood slats, that with the right application, create a play of shapes on the adjacent wall. The project has preserved the original Venetian mosaic flooring from the 1950s.

The flavour of the first proposal is more "classic", providing for a modern, formal furnishing, in line with the architectural canons of the construction period of the building. In this case we have chosen a “LC2” sofa, designed by Le Corbusier, the "Barcelona" Pouffe by Mies van der Rohe, the coffee table designed by Eileen Gray.
The second proposal was designed as a mix of contemporary design elements with strong colours, and classic elements. The furnishings have more sinuous lines, simultaneously creating a modern but comfortable and formal environment, considering its use as a highly representative place.
The third proposal is more "dynamic": in this case, we have thought to furnish it with chairs and tables of different chromatic metal finishes, which may be arranged in different ways. The furnishings have therefore soft shapes and different colours, to give both casualness and peacefulness to the environment.

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