Panoramic Flights

Location: Rome
Area: 400 Smq
Client: Asset Management Company
Project time: 2008

The arrangement of an entrance hall must be attentively designed because it is like the business card of the company and has a primary identification function towards the users. Our aim was to create simple, unique, and highly communicative halls, thanks to specific design solutions which resulted in larger, brighter and - why not - panoramic spaces.

The interaction between graphics and architecture is a solution that is increasingly used in contemporary designs. Graphics is now supergraphics, which thanks to its three-dimensional or multimedia features allow a specific and univocal identification of spaces, regardless of their intended use. Our design involved a number of entrances of an office complex and our objective was to characterise them through the use of colours, to identify each entrance in a different way, and to make it more attractive and easily identifiable. Our final choice was to use backlit glass panels. The entrance hall of the company Blue Panorama Airlines was particularly characterised through the use of a specific graphics.

In fact, we have created a blow-up that depicts the view of an airplane of the company flying above the clouds. The wide angle shot of the photograph used allowed us to divide the image in two parts, so as to cover both the left and right wall of the entrance. When you enter the hall, you are captured by the sharpness and brightness of the image that is not printed and glued on the wall as if it were a wallpaper but is applied on the internal side of a counter-wall made of backlit glass panels. It seems that the image "is coming towards you as a welcome " and, for a moment, you will dream of flying among the clouds in the sky.

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