A glass line

Location: Rome
Area: 450 Smq
Cliente: Asset Management Company
Project time: 2017

The change of "philosophy" in the organisation of the spaces in working environments affect both the layout of contemporary offices and the organisation of the buildings where they are located. In this project, the relationship between internal and external spaces is manifest: the meeting rooms and the work spaces are divided from the panoramic terrace only by full-height glass windows, allowing a visual continuity and bringing a high emotional value.

The redevelopment proposal of the eight and top floor of this complex, intended for office use, is based on the desire and need of the tenants to equip the common use areas with a conference room, meeting rooms, a large operational workspace, a relaxation area, a break area and small soundproofed rooms for private phone calls. Glass lines outline transparent polygons, that separate the work environments from the recreational areas. By means of planters, they project themselves towards the covered terrace, that surrounds the entire floor, creating external expansion spaces for the exclusive used workspaces. The two meeting rooms with a capacity of four and eight seats respectively, and a large room with six operational workstations, extend towards the external area, allowing to continue the activity outdoor, surrounded by a shielding greenery that ensures the privacy.

We have designed to lay a floating wooden flooring, to emphasize the continuity between interior and exterior. Wood has been chosen for its elegance and weather-resistance performances. The same continuity concept between the spaces has also been applied to the relaxation area, the break area, and the twenty-four-seat conference room, but with a change of flooring between the outside and the inside.
The theme of transparency was particularly developed: full-height acoustic glazed walls delimit the work spaces from the corridors and common areas, ensuring a visual continuity both inside the environment and towards the horizon, also thanks to the replacement of the masonry parapet along the perimeter of the terrace with a new crystal-glass parapet. The outdoor area intended for refreshment and relaxation has been furnished with chairs and tables, where you can relax with your colleagues for a few moments. Given to its cobblestone pavement, dotted with stone slabs that act as a walkway overlooking the enticing panorama of the city below, you could also imagine of being on top of a nature trail.

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