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5 March 2020
bonus edilizi 2020

Building Bonuses 2020 – Façade bonus, Eco Bonus, Anti-Seismic Bonus

The Italian State has put into effect several building Bonuses in 2020. As the guidelines are not sill completely clear today, we would like to clarify some aspects of these bonuses to better understand, for example, the fields of intervention, the legislation of reference, and - above all - who can benefit from these concessions and how obtain them.
17 February 2020
Fabrizio Forniti FAD

Radio interview with Fabrizio Forniti

Fabrizio Forniti, founder and architect of the FAD, was invited by Radio Roma Capitale to describe our architecture studio, our "Forge", where technique and creativity meld together, giving life to a world of professionals who cover the architectural aspect 360°, from design to construction.
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